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Apologies for the rant - but here was my reply:

The hardest part about being a Digital Artist is always trying to get the gallery visitor to accept this fresh and exciting way of creating pictures at face value without becoming fixated by the technical aspects.

The basic skills such as composition, texture, colour and so on are exactly the same as for the traditional artist. Quite simply, the Digital Artist is just using another medium, utilizing light to imitate paint whereas the traditional Artist uses paint to imitate light. How an artist gets to the final image shouldn’t matter as long as they are creating a piece of art that can be shared and enjoyed. ”

Alan King   January 2010


to Alan King
date  Nov 8, 2007 10:20 PM
subject Re: THANK YOU

Dear Mister King,
Thank you for your nice mail. Your works is wonderful. Best regards and greetings from Switzerland
Sorry my English

Sandro Del-Prete

  • A recent visitor to one of my exhibitions described my work as "Terrifying, Terrible, Not at all pleasant" - I took it as a compliment (AK)


  • What an amazing imagination you have. Surreal style imagery holds a certain fascination and can be great fun, but also disturbing and confusing.


  • Alan King is best known for his Massurreal landscapes and the design of many of impossible figures and similar visual illusions. Works which both stimulate and challenge the onlooker.


  • I love these pictures.  There's absolutely free rein for the imagination, and the result is exciting and thought-provoking. I particularly admire 'Room of Illusions' which I think is a fascinating perception - almost hypnotic! I love this work.


  • Alan King's work conveys a sense of peace and deep feeling. His work reminds me a lot of Magritte, with the clouds in 'In the Valley All Was Still' creating a restful and implying a gentle breeze. I also feel he has an excellent sense of balance in his work. I find it fascinating and very innovative


  • Alan King’s interest in the artists of the surrealist movement combined with his love of architecture, lead him to utilize the qualities of computer generated images to invent bizarre, immeasurable environments which results in the creation of strong vibrant alive and playful digital surrealism. Strong, bold, and rich with colour, these digital images are extremely well created.


  • Brilliant and well thought out, the artist uses the obvious and yet almost un-noticed method of placing objects in such a way as to arrive at these surreal pieces, which appear to float.


  • Alan King’s natural artistic flair and eye for perspective takes his viewers on a kaleidoscopic journey through an “uncommon looking glass”.


  • Not just another Digital artist, I would say Alan King is one of the best for abstract landscapes I have seen in a while. A Must see…….


  • Alan King is a passionate artist who has been working for years and one who continues to explore new modes of expression.


  • Alan King is an experienced artist who turned his attention to the use of digital mediums to achieve his artistic vision.


  • Alan's art is defined by his creation of intoxicating landscape compositions: executed in a style that he refers to as 'Artytechture'. Alan's distinctive works evoke the landscapes of prominent Surrealist painters, but have a definite contemporary edge to them.    


  • SURREALISM NOW! is proud to present, with great pleasure, an amazing digital surrealist artist from the United Kingdom, ALAN KING!  I have always considered the Digital Art of Alan King's to be similar to the Surrealism of Rene Magritte, yet, Alan takes it on a different surrealist path, always experimenting with Computer and Digital Art, Alan has created a large body of artwork, and its a pleasure to exhibit him here!



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